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The Place Where You Go To Listen (Redux)

51ltakz31el_sl500_aa240_jpgJohn Luther Adams’ new book about his fantastic installation The Place Where You Go To Listen was just made available on Amazon and is titled appropriately enough, The Place Where You Go to Listen: In Search of an Ecology of Music.

Head on back to NonPop Show 006 “The Place” interview, where I interviewed Jim Altieri in 2006 about his work with John Luther Adams on the immense project. Attached to that post are relevant links about the project and people involved.

For the price of a CD, I won’t pass it up.

NonPop Show 006 – “The Place” interview

Show Notes:
(running time – approx. 35 min.)

Interview with Jim Altieri, technical advisor to John Luther Adams on his permanent sound installation at the Museum of the North, “The Place Where You Go to Listen.”

John Luther Adams’ website
Jim Altieri’s website
Museum of the North
Kyle Gann’s NewMusicBox article